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Data Protection:

Your satisfaction is of primary importance to Beta LAYOUT Ltd and its subsidiaries. For this reason, we pay particular attention to protecting your privacy. We will use the information we receive about you to process orders and make the purchasing process easier for you with all our offers.

What kind of data is collected?

During the ordering process, in addition to data concerning the PCB order (type of PCB, size, file name, etc), we also collect personal data about our customers (i.e. company details, name of contact, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address) and also details about the credit card method of payment (credit card number, expiry date, type of credit card, card holder and code). If the customer wishes his customer data to be recorded and used for future orders, he will be assigned a personal password, which will give him access to his customer data in the future. We require this data to process your orders and contact you about your order, if necessary.

Is the data recorded?

The data supplied by you will be kept in a customer account which only you will have access to. Whether this data is for a once off order or not, we will save it for future reference. You may wish to keep a record of your ongoing business with Beta LAYOUT or simply re-order your boards.

Can the customer view his recorded data?

Yes. You can always access the saved data under "My Orders ". You will also find that you can update files here to avoid difficulties in the delivery of your boards. Of course we are more than happy to give you information on your data via telephone or E-mail.

Can recorded data be deleted?

You can cancel your authorisation for us to record your data at any time. If you would like your data to be deleted, simply send an e-mail to and one of our team will delete your details from the database.

How is customer information protected?

For the protection of your data we offer a secure upload method, the so-called "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) transmission. This will encode all data as it is transferred onto our system. As soon as we have accessed the customers' data, we change automatically to the secure connection. For the protection of your customer account from access by a third party, your customer account has a password. This password is known exclusively to you and is not even disclosed to Beta Layout staff.

Is data passed on?

Beta LAYOUT GmbH and its subsidiaries only pass on data to third parties involved in the order process, such as courier/postal services. Your address will not be intentionally passed on to any other third parties.

Are there any Cookies used?

Our order system uses a Session Cookie. This cookie is a text file which has a particular number by which you are known to us during your visit. This number makes it possible for your shopping basket to have exactly the products in it that you have put in there. You are not automatically recognised each time you visit the site nor are the pages as viewed by you kept in your customer account. If you do not want to work with cookies you can deactivate the same in your browser. Our system will make allowances so that you can still enjoy all the comforts of our information and ordering facilities.

Are there any exceptions to these data protection regulations?

The only exception to the above regulations is information which the user himself chooses to pass on to other users, for example in the guestbook area, link yourself, or in the chat room.

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any more questions related to the use of your personal data, please send an e-mail to

Conditions of sale:

The following terms and conditions of delivery and business are applicable to orders from enterprisers.

1. Price

All offers are subject to change until receipt of a written confirmation of order. Our scheduled prices current at the time of conclusion of contract are applicable, unless a particular price has been agreed upon.

2. Rights in objects of the purchaser

The purchaser declares to own all required rights (ownership, copyright etc.) in the apparatuses, parts, or layouts ('objects') to be processed for him and therefore bears the sole responsibility for possible infringements of rights. The purchaser indemnifies us from all claims by third parties for infringement of rights in connection with objects supplied by him.

3. Delivery

a) Shipping is made on a freight collect basis at the purchaser's risk. Packaging is calculated at minimum price. Unless determined by the purchaser in writing, the mode of shipment is freely chosen by us. Deliveries that are delayed through shipment do not entitle to raise complaints, to refuse acceptance, or to reduce invoices, even if expedited manufacture or delivery was ordered and a supplemental express fee paid.

b) In case - unlike in a) - collection through the purchaser has been agreed upon, the handing over of originals and goods is effected without checking the authorization of the collector against submission of the collection ticket to be issued upon request at the time of order. Claims raised on the basis of handing the goods out to an unauthorized collector cannot be derived, unless wilful intent or gross negligence is given.

c) In the case of sample or prototype manufacture (e.g. in the POOL method) we need to reserve the right of short or excess delivery by up to 50 percent for technical reasons. In the case of production lots of more than 10 pieces slight short or excess deliveries are customary in the trade and do not entitle to raise complaints or to refuse acceptance.

4. Transfer of risk

The risk is transferred to the purchaser upon the goods leaving our house.

5. Warranty

a) Even with the utmost care exercised slight deviations in material quality, shading and the like may occur. For this reason we need to reserve the right of such modifications. For work to scale exact adjustment is guaranteed. We reserve the right of differences in measurement due to shrinkage or extension of the materials used. We will be liable for late changes due to external influences (weather, light, humidity and the like) only insofar as these are caused by improper work. For work rendered unusable due to material faults or improper processing, replacements are provided free of charge. Further reaching claims for replacement are excluded.

b) Claims for damages due to faulty printed circuit boards or templates are excluded, unless these are due to wilful intent or gross negligence. Excluded therefrom are claims due to violation of life, body, and health.

c) In the case of justified complaints we reserve the right to rework the delivered goods or provide replacement. Replacement deliveries are made within the ordinary delivery time. In the case of failure of the supplementary performance, the purchaser may choose to demand a reduction or withdraw from the contract.

6. Notice of faults and defects

Obvious faults and defects are only considered, if immediately reprimanded in writing, within eight days as from delivery, at the latest.

7. Retention of title

All goods delivered remain our property until all our due claims against the purchaser have been met. Upon compounding the delivered goods with other goods, the retention of title extends to the newly created object.

8. Payment

Invoices are payable due net immediately upon receipt of the goods, unless other payment conditions have been agreed upon.

9. Place of jurisdiction

Place of performance and jurisdiction is our company domicile, as far as the purchaser is merchant or is based abroad.

10. Invalidity

If individual provisions contained in these terms and conditions are invalid, the remaining contract and the remainder of these terms and conditions remain effective. For replacement of the invalid provisions regulations are agreed upon that come closest possible to the desired purpose in consideration of the mutual interests of the parties to the contract.